Pest Control Service Friday, 11/22/19 Tower 1

Pest Control will be on property Friday, 11/22/19 to inspect and /or treat the interior of the units on

Floors 5 through 2, Tower 1 beginning at 9 AM.

 Rooms are already pre-baited for roaches, beetles, ants, silver fish and spiders.

  Pesticide will not be used on a regular basis unless warranted for spot treatments only. 

Procedures used

Dry baiting for roaches and ants.  The brands they switch between is Max force and Advion.  This procedure is called integrated pest management for or IPM. 

Pest control comes 1 time a quarter per unit to do maintenance consisting of roach baiting and will be replacing existing roach bait in kitchen 

**Large palmetto bugs are the American roach.  It is a flying bug that will come through the doors if you leave them open. It is impossible for this roach to live indoors without water and greenery.  The only way to keep these away is to not leave the doors open since they are not attracted to any kind of bait.  

Please do not encourage guests to spray using any insecticide or home defense for bugs for this will ruin pre bait and void the pest controls warranty.