Resort News and Information

15 MINUTE CHECK IN PARKING: We are now entering our prime rental season along Panama City Beach. As occupancy levels increase, so will the amount of vehicles on property. Please remember that the 15-minute parking, located in front of Tower 1 & Tower 2, is limited to guest and owner check in. We ask that, in order to provide available check in parking for other guests and owners, please abide by the 15-minute time limit. Additionally, all vendors and contractors must park in the Parking Garage. Due to the lack of parking, Security will strictly enforce this area. Violators are subject to towing at the vehicle owners expense. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
LOADING/UNLOADING PARKING: The Loading & Unloading Parking, located on the 3rd floor of the Parking Garage, adjacent to the Amenities Building 3rd Floor Lobby, is now open with a fresh water proof application and striping. Upon arrival or departure, all loading and unloading is to be done from this area or the Parking Garage.
LUGGAGE CARTS: As we do each year, during the prime rental season between March and October, luggage carts will be available at the loading and unloading parking area, located on the 3rd floor of the Parking Garage. Luggage carts can only be signed out by guests and owners. In order to check out a luggage cart, a valid driver’s license or Majestic Owner ID Card must be provided to the Cart Attendant. The license or ID will be returned upon the return of the luggage cart. Vendors are not permitted to use the luggage carts.
PARKING PASSES & ARMBANDS: Last week we sent out a notice to all owners and rental management companies regarding the Parking Pass and Property Armband policy. This is simply a reminder that all guests and owners, 13 years of age and older, must wear a property ID armband at all times when on property. Visitors without the proper armbands will not be permitted on property. Parking passes are required for all vehicles parked on property. Parking passes must be completely filled out and properly displayed at all times. Vehicles with no or incomplete parking passes are subject to tow at the vehicle owner’s expense. Vehicles in which the parking pass is not properly displayed with the information visible are subject to tow at the owner’s expense. Absolutely, no photo copying parking passes or laminating parking passes. Only parking passes purchased through Majestic Beach Resort Owner Services are valid.
Property armbands and parking passes are available for purchase in Owner Services, located in the lobby of Tower 2. Armbands are $5.00 each. Parking Passes are $10.00 each. Please remember it is the responsibility of the rental company or owner to provide armbands and parking passes to their guests.

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