Hurricane Information

1. Hurricane season runs from June to November 30th. The following tips are designed to help keep the resort ready to weather a storm, and to make for easy clean up should a tropical system happen to strike our area.

2. Unless you reside here full time, you should always move your patio furniture and any other loose items, such as flower pots or grills, inside your condo during your absence. Also, please make sure you sliding glass door is securely locked. Remember, these are homeowner responsibilities and should be practiced all throughout the year, not just during hurricane season. Please do not rely on the maintenance staff to do this for you; their first priority is to secure the common areas and community property throughout the resort, and there may not be enough time or manpower available to check individual balconies.

3. The resort is equipped with an emergency generator that is designed to operate the elevators and outside emergency lighting during power outages. Estimated run time is 10-12 hours, depending upon the load and fuel level. Even though we have a backup generator, it is not unusual to be without power for several days after a tropical storm, which means there will be no lights, elevators, or water pressure after the generator uses up its fuel.

  • This generator does not operate anything inside the condos. Consequently, we highly recommend that you not store large quantities of meat, fish, or dairy products in your freezer during this time of year. These items can create a huge mess and quite an odor if they thaw and leak out of the freezer after an extended power outage.
  • You should always keep a flashlight and plenty of fresh batteries on hand throughout the entire year. And don’t forget to keep your cell phone charged and your vehicle full of fuel.

4. Should emergency management authorities issue mandatory evacuation orders, the resort will be secured and shut down, and the staff will leave to take care of their own homes and families. Should you decide to ignore the order and stay, you should be aware that you may not have access to normal services or conveniences such as fire, police, security, electricity, water, telephone, elevators, etc. Additionally, if you stay you will be asked to sign a release waiver.

5.Tropical systems can be very dangerous and should never be taken lightly. Consequently, please help us keep your resort ready during hurricane season by following the tips above. You may also want to check out a few web sites that provide storm preparedness tips such as the local television stations at: