Vendor Rules



Dear Owner:

We realize that from time to time you may have vendors making deliveries or performing work inside your unit. Please be advised that it is your responsibility to ensure that your vendors abide by all Association rules and regulations. Below are a few of the rules specifically related to vendors.  Should you or your vendor have any questions please contact Majestic Owner Services or Condominium Maintenance.

Majestic Homeowner Association Owner Services at 563-1017 or Maintenance at 563-1008


  1. Luggage carts are for the exclusive use of owners and registered guests, and shall not be used to transport furniture, equipment, tools, supplies, etc. If your company does not own a cart or hand truck, one can easily be rented/purchased nearby at Home Depot, Flagala, Wal-Mart, United, etc.
  2. Your company is responsible for debris removal. Please do not place work materials such as carpet scraps, tile pieces, grout, mattresses, appliances, etc., in drains, trash chutes, or dumpsters.
  3. No smoking is allowed inside any condominium at any time.
  4. Please do not throw cigarette/cigar butts or any other objects from the balconies or walkways.
  5. Do not cut tile, wood, drywall, etc., on walkways or in stairwells. Either use the customer’s patio or contact the Maintenance Department for a suitable location on the ground floor.
  6. Please contact our Maintenance Department for the location suited for cleaning tools, etc. DO NOT use unit sinks to clean tools and equipment, including washing excess tile grout.
  7. Please pad elevators when moving or delivering furniture. Also, please do not prop heavy objects or your feet against our walls.
  8. All work areas, including elevators, must be cleaned daily, prior to your departure.
  9. Contractors are permitted to work between the hours of 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. Since this is a vacation resort, noisy work is not permitted before 10 A.M. or after 5 P.M.
  10. Please do not leave your vehicle parked in front of the tower, it will be towed.
  11. If you are issued any keys, they must be returned before leaving the resort each day.
  12. Please note that your company will be billed for any required cleaning, debris removal, or property damage caused by any of its employees or subcontractors.