Rules And Regulations



REVISED: October 31, 2014 (update #2)




The following are from the Majestic Beach Resort Community Association Board of Directors:


  1. ID tags are required at all times for owners, guests, and visitors while on property. Only owners may use owner ID tags. Rental guests must wear proper rental ID tags.  Pedestrians will not be admitted on property without a proper ID tag.
  2. All vehicles parked on property must have the proper decal or pass.
  3. Passes and decals must be visible at all times while vehicle is on the property. This includes owner vehicles.
  4. Parking is provided for owners or guests that are actually staying on property. These vehicles must have proper ID and may be parked in the assigned areas only. Parking spots 313 – 436 are reserved private parking.
  5. Owners of private parking spaces may place a “Private Parking Only” sign in their parking spaces at their own expense. Approved signs are 18” wide and 12” high with Majestic logos in the top corners and are available at Gulf Glo Banners and Signs. 
  6. If an owner complains about a vehicle parked in their private assigned space, an attempt will be made to locate the owner of the vehicle. If contact cannot be made, the vehicle will be towed at the violator’s expense.
  7. Only licensed vehicles may be parked in the garage or on resort property. Trailers, jet skis, boats, etc., may be parked in the garage no longer than seven days in any 30-day period provided they are properly licensed, detached from the tow vehicle, fit into one space, and display a valid parking pass. 
  8. No furniture, cabinets, building materials, storage closets, portable sheds, etc., may be stored in any parking space.
  9. Private golf carts, bubble cars, skates, roller blades, road surfers, skateboards, personal or motorized scooters, and rental motorcycles are not allowed on property.
  10. To register as a guest you must be 21 years or older. Anyone under 21 must have in-room adult supervision. (Adults must be staying in unit and available at all times).
  11. Minors are not allowed to consume alcohol anywhere on property (the legal age in Florida is 21 years). This may result in eviction.
  12. No signs, including for sale signs, shall be displayed in the unit windows, on the doors, or the railings. Only approved no smoking signs (clear acrylic 5” wide x 7” high available at Gulf Glo Banners & Signs) may be placed on a unit door at the owner’s expense.
  13. The keeping of a pet at Majestic Beach Resort is not a right of a unit owner but a conditional license subject to termination at any time by the Board of Directors if an animal is vicious, annoying other residents, or has in any way become a nuisance. The owner of a pet assumes liability for all damages to persons or property caused by the pet or resulting from its presence at the resort. 
  14. Only owners are permitted to have pets on resort property, and their pets must be registered with Owner Services and have a proper pet license tag. Dogs must be on a leash and have a visible pet license tag at all times when outside the owner’s unit.  The owner must also have an owner ID tag when walking their dog and must “scoop the poop” and place in the trash.  Violators may be subject to fines.  Pet Walking Station is located at east end of Parking Garage.
  15. Animals are not allowed on pool decks or on the beach, per state and county law.
  16. Nudity and indecent exposure, as defined in Florida Statutes, will not be tolerated in any public or common area of the resort, including any area exposed to public view. Violators may be prosecuted.
  17. Water balloon slingshots and water balloon throwing is prohibited and will result in eviction of guests/fines for owner. Throwing any item, including cigars and cigarettes, from balconies and walkways is considered dangerous and will result in eviction of guest and/or fines for owners.
  18. No water pistols/guns/canons or similar items allowed in the common areas or on community property, including the pools.
  19. Laser pointers are prohibited on resort property.
  20. Fireworks are strictly prohibited on resort property.
  21. Feeding seagulls is prohibited throughout resort property.
  22. No climbing on or leaning over balconies. Climbing on or over balcony railings will result in eviction of guests and fines for owners.
  23. Towels, bathing suits, clothing, rugs, and other items are prohibited from being hung on balcony or walkway railings or from windows.
  24. Walkways, stairways, and vestibules serving two units are fire exit lanes. Nothing, including bicycles, floats, coolers, furniture, beach chairs, etc., shall be left in these areas at any time.
  25. The use of charcoal grills, electric grills, hibachis, and gas grills is forbidden per State of Florida Fire Life Safety Codes (NFPA 1 Code 10.11.6). Guests may be evicted for violations. Owners may be fined. This will be enforced in accordance with state and local fire ordinances. Charcoal grills are provided on the east side of the parking garage.
  26. “Funneling” on balconies or anywhere in public is prohibited.
  27. “Quiet hours” are enforced throughout the resort between 10:00 P.M. and 10:00 A.M. All owners and guests shall refrain from any activity that would disturb other residents at all times, but especially during quiet hours.
  28. Per paragraph 12C of the condominium Declarations, “No nuisances shall be allowed upon the Condominium Property, nor any use or practice that is the source of annoyance to residents or which interferes with the peaceful possession and proper use of the property by its residents.”
  29. Maintenance & Repair. Unit Owners and residents are required to maintain the interior of the unit at all times in a manner, which would prevent the development of mold, mildew, or similar toxic growth.  Each unit owner will promptly perform all maintenance and repair work within his or her unit that, if omitted, would affect any common elements, any portion of the Condominium belonging to other owners, or the condominium project as a whole.  This duty of inspection, maintenance and repair includes the personal property within each owner’s unit, including but not limited to HVAC systems, refrigerators, dishwashers, compactors, disposal, oven and stove, clothes washers and dryers, hot water heaters, and interior electrical and plumbing fixtures such as toilets, showers, tubs.  Each unit owner will responsible for all damages and liabilities that any failure to maintain or repair these items may cause.
  30. Equipment Inspection and Failure. Unit Owners and residents are also required to inspect all appliances, and all related hoses and connections, on a regular basis in order to ensure that these are all in proper working order, and in order to prevent any leaks or other incidents which could cause damage to the condominium property. Equipment shall be used only for the purposes intended.  Failure of any equipment shall be reported immediately to the association management regardless of the responsibility for maintenance in order that proper precautions may be taken to avoid damage of other equipment.  Each unit owner shall be liable for all damage caused by misuse of equipment by the residents or guests of the owner’s unit.
  31. Running Water. Water will not be kept running for an unreasonable and unnecessary length of time.
  32. Water Shutoff. Unit owners MUST turn off the water to their unit if the unit is going to be vacant for more than 48 hours. If the unit is managed by a rental management company, then that owner’s contract with the management company must require an inspection at least every 48 hours if unit is vacant. (Leaving water on when there is no one in the unit that would notice a leak has been considered negligence by Florida courts.  Florida Statute 718.111(11)(j) allows the association to charge the unit owner who has not complied with this rule the full cost of repairing damage due to a water leak stemming from their unit.  Furthermore, owners must remember to turn the power off to the water heater as well.  Should you or your management company need assistance, you may contact Owner Services
  33. Air Conditioning. When the air conditioning unit is operating, windows and doors are to be kept closed.  Not only is this an economically sound practice but will reduce the admitting of moisture in the warm air and the resulting dampness and mildew in the unit.  The air conditioning should be operated at all times practicable, and units that are unoccupied should have the air conditioning set to 78 degrees or cooler to prevent mold.  This will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew caused by moisture in the unit.
  34. Unit Damage. Unit Owners or residents causing damage to any property in the condominium by reason of the installation, operation, neglect, or failure or breakage of any item, appliance, lines, or equipment located in his unit (including fixtures), as a result of the owner’s failure to properly maintain the item or equipment, or failure to comply with the requirements of these rules and regulations, shall be strictly liable to the owner of any other unit damaged, and to the Association as to the common elements or any unit components for which the Association is responsible, for all damages caused, without regard to the negligence or fault of the owner from whose unit the cause of the damage originated.
  35. Common Elements Damage. Unit Owners are responsible for damage, to the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements, caused by them, their renters, and others authorized by them or their renters to be on Association property. Necessary repairs to damaged Common Elements or Limited Common Elements shall be billed to the Unit Owner determined to have been responsible by the Association.  Prompt payment is expected.  Delay in payments will require the Association to institute appropriate collection procedures.
  36. Repairs or Replacement. If a unit owner or resident contends that the Association is responsible for the repair or replacement of any portion of the unit or limited common elements appurtenant to a unit, or any personal property located therein, such unit owner must immediately notify the Association of the occurrence of any such damage and allow the Association to inspect this damage before any repairs are undertaken. If emergency repairs must be undertaken before the Association can inspect such damage, the unit owner must take all possible steps to preserve any evidence relating to the damage by taking photographs and otherwise documenting the nature and cause of the damage. The owner must obtain at least two, and preferably three competitive bids or proposals, before seeking to hold the Association responsible for any costs incurred. Such bids and proposals must be retained by the unit owner and provided to the Association in connection with any claim.
  37. Owner’s Contact & Insurance. Each Unit Owner must provide the Association with emergency contact information, including persons other than the owner who can be contacted in the event of any emergency.  Unit Owners must provide the Association with proof of insurance which the owner is required to maintain with regard to losses or damages affecting his unit, as well as with the name and telephone number of the insurance agent or the owner(s).  Additionally, Unit Owners (or their guests), as well as contractors, must provide proof of liability insurance to the association prior to completing any repairs or renovations to their units.
  38. Interior Alterations. No interior of a Condominium Unit shall be altered in any manner as such would have any effect on the structural elements of the building or its electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or air conditioning systems or on any of the Common or Limited Common Elements without the proper written consent of the Association.



  1. All pools & hot tubs are open from 8 A.M to 10 P.M.  Quiet hours will be enforced.
  2. Personal coolers are permitted on the pool deck provided they are small enough to fit under a chair and they must be kept underneath the chair at all times.
  3. No radios are allowed on pool deck.
  4. No floats or air mattresses are allowed in any pool when it is crowded.
  5. No throwing or hitting balls or any other projectile in pools.
  6. No glass containers allowed on pool decks and no food allowed in pools or hot tubs, per Florida law.
  7. No climbing on or diving from rocks or waterfalls.
  8. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, per Florida law.
  9. No bicycles, skates, skateboards, or roller blades are allowed on pool deck, sidewalks, or parking areas.
  10. No one is allowed to use pool or hot tubs without proper ID tag—strictly enforced.
  11. T-backs, thongs, or similar bathing suits are not allowed on the pool deck.
  12. Animals are not allowed on pool decks or on the beach, per state and county law.
  13. Per Florida Health Department Code, food and drinks are not permitted within four (4′) feet of the pools or spas.