Majestic Beach Resort Beach Services

Beginning March 1, 2022 there will be a new Beach Service vendor at Majestic Beach Resort. Goin’ to the Beach! Beach Service will begin operations. Owners and guests can reserve chairs or arrange for a beach bonfire in advance by using the Goin’ to the Beach app. Additionally, they will be offering chair side food & beverage service through H2O.

Owners and guests can rent daily in advance through the following link:

Annual set for owners and their immediate family to use is $1,500.
Annual transferable set for owners and rental guests is $2,000.
To reserve an annual set, please contact Trevor or Nick

Each daily rental chair comes with $10 in cabana cash. Owners receive 20% off the rack rate. Cabana cash is redeemed with their beach server the day of purchase. Unused cabana cash can not be transferred to a different date.