Pest Control Service Tower 2, Floors 23 – 18 on 1/22/21

Brock Pest Control will be on property Friday, January 22nd to inspect and treat the interior of the units on Floors 23 through 18 in Tower 2 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Notices will be posted in the elevators. Please be sure to notify your guests. It is extremely important to provide access to technicians in order to ensure all units are properly treated.

Rooms are all pre-baited for roaches, beetles, ants, silver fish, and spiders with a dry bait using integrated pest management system. Pest control comes once per quarter per unit.

Please do not encourage guests to spray using any insecticide or home defense for bugs for this will ruin pre bait and void the pest control warranty. Please contact Owner Services, (850)563-1017, should you or your guests have any pest control concerns between treatments.